Additionally, you'll find a high-level overview of content performance in the last 30 days at the top of your My Content page. Click on "See all Insights -->" to take a deeper dive into your data.


The All section of my Content displays the content you’ve already published or scheduled to publish. As you scroll down, you'll see content organized by the month it was either published or scheduled. Each article card also includes key metrics for an at-a-glance view into content performance.

You can find any unpublished favorited or tagged content by clicking the "Status" filter on the right-hand side of your screen and selecting "Unpublished." You can then use the tag drop-down to find content pieces that you have organized with a custom tag.


Any original posts that you've begun drafting, but not yet published, will appear under your Drafts tab.


To find content that you've favorited (or hearted!) from our library, click on the "Status" filter and select "Saved."


Any content that you've chosen to gate using Matcha’s subscriber sign up forms will appear in your Locked tab, along with high-level metrics around lead generation performance.

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