Now that you've launched your prospecting campaign, let's walk through how to view and analyze performance. Newly launched campaigns need a minimum of 4-6 weeks to fully optimize and gain momentum, so give your campaigns some time to do their thing before assessing results.

What is prospecting? Prospecting campaigns identify the right audience and measure your results from a full-funnel perspective. Unlike Retargeting campaigns, these users have not been to your site before, but they have been identified as high-potential prospects for your business. The main goal is to bring high quality new customers to the site, who can then be reached by your retargeting campaigns. Win-win!

How does it work? We analyze the web-browsing behavior of your past customers (as these are the "most likely" to buy since they already have once before) and look for users with similar characteristics (think buying behavior, browsing behavior etc). Then we serve ads to those new users!

How do I measure success? It's important that we separate prospecting from retargeting campaigns. Prospecting campaigns typically drive fewer direct (last-click) conversions than retargeting campaigns. Their main goal is to bring high quality new customers to the site, who can then be reached by your retargeting campaigns. Key performance indicators include metrics like impressions, clicks, cost per new visitor, cost-per-click and engaged visitors. Remember, if a new site visitor comes as a result of prospecting they'll then fall into a retargeting campaign if you have that type of campaign running as well!

Overall Prospecting Performance

You can toggle between Retargeting/Prospecting in the top right corner:

Let's break down these metrics in your Prospecting Performance dashboard:

  • Impressions: the number of times an ad was displayed during the date range selected

  • Clicks: The number of times an ad was clicked

  • CPC (Cost-Per-Click): Your average spend for one click

  • CPNV (Cost Per New Visitor): The average spend to bring a new visitor to your site

  • CPEV (Cost Per Engaged Visitor): Your average spend per engaged visit

  • New Visitors: Number of new users people who came to your site after clicking an ad, who had never been to your site before

  • Engaged Visitors: Number of visitors who viewed at least 3 pages after clicking an ad

Ad Performance by Type

Next, you'll see that your Ad Performance is broken down by ad type. On the left you'll see comparison between Web and Social, and on the right you'll see a comparison between Static and Dynamic.

New Visitors

This section displays the number of new visitors who visited your site after seeing an ad.

Top Performing Ads

This section displays your top performing ads based on impressions and clicks.

AdGroups & Ads

These sections will display an overview of performance for your AdGroups and individual ad performance.

How do I turn adds off? Navigate to your Ad Library and select the Ad Group in which the ads are in that you would like turned off or deleted. To pause an add, click to toggle it Off. To permanently remove an ad from this Ad Group, click the Archive icon. This action cannot be undone.


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