Before getting started, please note you need to be an Admin of your Facebook business manager, as well as the page admin. To learn more about exactly what is available for each admin permission check out Facebook's Help Center article.

Connect Facebook to AdRoll

Log in to your Springbot dashboard, and click Store at the top. Select Integrations and then AdRoll.

You will see a section that says Facebook Page URL. You will want to head over to your Facebook business page and copy its URL. Then, paste that in the "Facebook Page URL" field.

*You will see a section that says, "Custom Checkout URL". You do not need to complete this field unless you are confident that your store has a custom checkout URL that is not the default one provided by your shopping cart.

Once you've selected it, click Save.

Almost done! You'll now need to login to your Facebook page to approve AdRoll as a partner. From your Facebook Business page, navigate to Manage Page on the left and scroll down to Settings. From Page Settings, navigate to Page Roles:

The click Pending Partner Requests (note, only the Facebook page admin will have access to these controls):

Under Pending Partner Requests, you will see AdRoll listed. Click "Respond to Request" and enter your Facebook password to complete.

All done! You've now connected AdRoll to your Facebook Account.

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