Site Traffic Information

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to next connect your Google Analytics account. This allows Springbot to easily pull in metrics such as your monthly site visitors to assist in budget recommendations for you!

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account or don’t wish to connect it to Springbot, please fill in your estimated Monthly site traffic on the right hand side or select “I don’t know my site’s monthly traffic” - reach out to our Customer Success team if you'd like help estimating your monthly site traffic.

Budget Allocation

Beneath your site traffic information, you'll be able to see what types of AdRoll Campaigns you are running and how your Monthly Budget is currently allocated per campaign type. You are able to adjust the budget allocation for each campaign here.

Below Budget Allocation you will see Budget per campaign type. For Retargeting Campaigns, use the sliding budget tool to see your recommended budget based on site traffic. If you need more budget to achieve your desired reach, click “Increase Budget" and follow the instructions to reach Springbot's Customer Success Team for next steps.

You are also able to see current budget for your Prospecting Campaigns. For assistance with your Prospecting budget, please follow the instructions to reach Springbot's Customer Success Team for next steps.

Product Category Exclusion

If you have selected Dynamic Web or Dynamic Social Ads, you next have the option to exclude specific product categories from displaying in your ads. We recommend allowing all of your products to show without limitation, but if you would like to prevent a specific category from showing, click the green plus icon to add it as an exclusion and then click save.

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