AdRoll Reporting

To view your AdRoll reporting, head to your Ads > Dashboard > Retargeting. Here you’ll see many metrics to help you analyze the impact your retargeting ads are having on revenue. Here you will see various performance metrics covered in this article.

If you've just recently launched your AdRoll campaign, please note it can take 4-6 weeks to start seeing results from AdRoll.

Get To Know Your AdRoll Reporting Metrics

Our dashboard measures two different types of conversions: click-through conversions (CTC) and view-through conversions (VTC) as well as two different types of revenue. Let's dive into these metrics below!

  1. Click Through Conversions (CTC)are defined as when a customer (or potential customer) is served an ad, clicks on the ad and then proceeds to your website to make a purchase.

  2. Click Through Revenue (CTR) is any revenue that is generated directly from a customer clicking on an ad and making a purchase.

  3. View Through Conversions (VTC) are defined as when a customer (or potential customer) is served an ad, does not click on it, but then returns to your site within seven days to make a purchase.

  4. View Through Revenue (VTR) is the total revenue that is generated from a View Through Conversion.

Additional Key AdRoll Terms

  • Cookie duration - Your cookie duration describes the set amount of time that a visitor will exist within the pool customers that you are able to serve your ad to. Each time a new unique visitor comes to your site, your SmartPixel will cookie the user and add them to one of your cookie pool.

    So how does your Cookie Duration function in Springbot? After an ad is served to a customer AdRoll tracks that customer's behavior for up to 7 days. Having a week window allows us to provide a clearer picture of how your ads are performing and also ensures that we are attributing revenue to the appropriate channel.

  • Campaign: this indicates the name of each of your campaigns

  • Impressions: the number of times an ad was displayed during the date range selected

  • Ads: quantity of ads that have generated revenue through a click-through conversion in the selected time period

  • Clicks: total clicks on all ads during time period selected

  • AOV: average order value for all click-through conversions for the selected time period

  • **CTC/CTR are the conversions that will be fully reportable via this report. Once you have a CTC, you will see the specific order information for the customer that clicked on the ad and what they ordered. We will then give you demographic criteria for that customer, popular products, and referrer URL's. That is why these sections are currently not populated, because we have not tracked a CTC yet. Since AdRoll does not provide order information regarding a view-through conversion (VTC) (to Springbot or if you were working with them directly) we cannot report on those conversions in the same way. The AWESOME part of Springbot is that we show you that information for click-through conversions, which is data you will not get from AdRoll directly.

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