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Google Analytics Data Discrepancies

Common reasons why Springbot and Google Analytics may differ.

Updated over a week ago

  • Plugin uninstalled: If the Springbot plugin is uninstalled or disabled on your platform, then our tracking scripts will not be running.

  • Google Analytics is getting blocked: There are unique circumstances that can lead to this but ultimately, Google Analytics is blocked by a user’s browser or by another tracking script.

  • Site performance Issues (site not loading): If a page partially loads (or doesn’t load at all) then it is possible that your tracking scripts (especially scripts stored in the web page footer) will not get loaded at all.

  • Javascript Restrictions: It is becoming increasingly popular for users to block Javascript using browser extensions (e.g. Ghostery, AdBlock, etc.) or even disable Javascript all together. This can results in varying metrics.

  • No two analytics platform are going to have the same results due to the difference in how they record interactions. For example, Google Analytics tracks using sessions whereas Springbot uses cookies to track customers movements on your site so visits and sessions may differ according to the session length or other factors.

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