Step 1: Access Business Manager

Start by opening your Business Manager.

Click the active Business Manager account that is currently hosting your Ad Account and Page.

Step 2: Click To Business Settings

Once you're in the Business Manager Account, click the Business Settings wheel in the left hand corner.

Step 3: Click To Brand Safety>Domains

In the Business Settings, select the Brand Safety tab, and select Domains from the left side navigation list.

Step 4: Enter Domain Associated With eCommerce

Click on the Add button, and enter your domain in the Add a Domain pop-up dialog.

Step 5: Choose Method To Verify Domain

Select the domain for which you desire to confirm ownership.

Choose the method you wish to use to verify your domain: DNS Verification, Meta Tags or the HTML

Note: Suggested choice to verify domain: DNS Verification unless you work with a developer.

File Upload.

Step 6: DNS Verification

Confirm domain ownership

Add a DNS TXT entry to your DNS record to confirm ownership

The DNS Verification tab of your selected domain provides the TXT information you will need to add to your DNS record.

  • Navigate to the DNS record section of your domain host.

  • Add the TXT entry to your DNS record.

  • Add @ to the Host field (if it is required by your domain host).

Note: Typically, this change takes only minutes to occur, however there are cases where it may take up to 72 hours to complete.

Once the changes have propagated across your domain's web servers, click the Verify button at the bottom of the DNS Verification tab for the selected domain.

Leave the TXT entry in your DNS record as it may be checked periodically for verification purposes.

Step 7: Upload HTML & Confirm

Upload an HTML file to your web directory and confirm domain ownership in Business Manager.

Step 8: Assign Facebook Page To the Domain

Under the Domain name, select the Assign Assets button. You should see the Pages you have added to Business Manager. Select the Page you wish to add to the domain, and click Save Changes.

Step 9: Confirm Facebook Page is Assigned

You should now see any added Pages listed under Assigned Assets for your selected domain.

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