Trackable Links are a great way to easily monitor clicks and revenue generated by various links you may create for different campaigns. They can be used just about anywhere -- on your blog, with an influencer, in your Brick and mortar, and more!

Create a Trackable Link

At the top of your dashboard, click Social and then click Trackable Links.

On this page, you'll see a text input box -- this is where you will insert the URL you want people to be taken to when they click on the trackable link.

When you're ready, click Make it Trackable to continue on.

Advanced Options

These settings are optional, but are available to you if you want to edit the UTM parameters for your link. This will allow you to better track your link in Google Analytics.

When clicking on Advanced Options, you can customize the following:

  • UTM Source -Where the link is posted online, also known as the referrer

    • Examples - Google, Pinterest, Social Influencer Site

  • UTM Campaign - What campaign this link is associated with

    • Example - Spring 2019 Sale

  • UTM Medium - What channel lead them to your site via this link

    • Example - Email, Search, Social Media, Blog

When you're ready, click Make it Trackable to continue on.

Using Your Trackable Link

After clicking Make it Trackable, you will be brought to a new page where you will be able to see your newly created Trackable Link. Springbot will provide you with both the Shortened URL and the Original URL with tracking code:

  • Shortened URL - This is the link you will copy and then paste wherever you're going to use it. By default, Springbot's trackable links will have in the root of the URL, but this can be customized if needed.

    • Springbot is able to track both clicks and revenue generated by this link.

  • Original URL with tracking code - This link should only be used on sites where 3rd party tracking is likely to get stripped, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Reach out to our Customer Success Team at help@springbot.comif you have questions about using this link format!

    • Springbot is only able to track revenue generated by this link.

Action Details

Action Details are a great way to keep yourself more organized in Springbot. They can make it easier for you to find a link you created several months ago when looking at performance.

  • Title -By default, this will show the original link you typed in, but you can rename this so it's easier to recall later on down the road. Since you might make the same URL trackable many times, but use it for different campaigns, it's a good idea to rename this something more specific.

    • Example - Homepage Link for Spring 2020 Blog Promotion

  • Tags - Tags are an easy way to associate a Springbot action with a larger campaign. Tags can group similar actions together so you can see the overall performance of the campaign as a whole. (Learn more about Tags here).

    • Example - Cyber Monday 2020

  • Notes - Add notes for yourself / your team here to help remind you what this link was used for

Be sure to click Update after making any changes to the Action Details section!

Where Can I Use Trackable Links?

Trackable Links can be used just about anywhere!

Blogs - Blogs are one of the most common places to use Trackable Links. For example, if you're writing about a new product you've just launched and are including a link to that product page on your site so customers can buy it, you might want to include a Trackable Link so that you can see how much revenue that blog post helped generate.

Social Influencer / Partnership Programs - If you are partnering with social media influencers or are having a partner post about your site or promote you on their page, it's a good idea to give them a trackable link in advance so you can easily tell how much revenue or traffic that partner drove for your site (and easily compare their impact with other partners you may be working with).

Brick and Mortar / In-Person - You can make Trackable Links into QR codes that customers can scan while shopping in person to get to your website and make online purchases as well. Then you can track revenue from these purchases!


Should I make a new Trackable Link each time or can I reuse the same one over and over again?

This depends! We do recommend creating a new link each time (and updating the Action Details section) so you can more easily compare performance. For example, if you are working with two social media influencers, and giving them both a link to your homepage, you should create two separate trackable links and use Tags to "assign" them to your partner. That way you can compare performance of Partner A vs Partner B.

Can I customize the Shortened Link so it "looks" more like my website?

Yes! By default, Springbot's shortened trackable links include in the root of the URL. This can be customized so that the URL "looks" more like your actual website name.

The first step is for you to purchase a shortened URL that "looks" more like your website that the default Springbot version. We want you to purchase this so that you own the link and are able to take it with you even if in the future you no longer use Springbot.

To purchase this, you can do to a domain registrar site (such as to purchase your URL. You want to choose one that is short in nature so it will save character space in social posts.

Once you purchase the domain, you will set up a 301 permanent redirect without masking to "". Each registrar will have different steps on how to complete this redirect, so refer to their own knowledge base for instructions.

Once complete, reach out to your Account Manager ( so they can setup the shortened URL in the backend of your Springbot dashboard and text to ensure the link is redirecting properly.

After this, you will start to see the custom shortened domain you purchased in your Springbot features instead of the domain (specifically when posting in Social Streams or creating a Trackable Link).

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