What is Smile.io? 

Smile allows customers to build loyalty with points, referrals and retention marketing. Loyalty programs promote new customers and nurture existing customer relationships. Our integration with Smile.io makes it easier than ever to create segments based on program data and send emails to these rewards members.

The Smile & Springbot integration allow you to: 

  • Reward customers for actions they are already taking, such as making a purchase or signing up for your emails. You can then target these customers to entice them to spend their points or earn even more!
  • Customers can now sync their Smile rewards program member information into Springbot. This allows you to build more targeted campaigns by segmenting customers based on their program member information.
  • Send customers their point balance or referral links and encourage them to share your brand. 

You can reward your customers for completing the following actions:

  • Signing up for your pop up
    • This works retroactively meaning if your customer signs up for your store’s pop up then at a later date joins the rewards program, they will still get points for signing up for your pop up.
  • Clicking on an email
    • This works for ALL email campaigns so we advise setting this to a smaller amount. For example, 200 for signing up for their pop up but 5-10 for clicking/opening an email.
  • Opening an email
  • Making a purchase
  • Referring a friend
  • Celebrating a birthday

You will need to set up a rewarding rule in Smile for all of these actions. This will allow you to decide how many points to award for each action.

Connecting Smile.io and Springbot

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page in Springbot
  2. Select Smile and Connect your account
  3. Add your credentials and authorize the integration
  4. Start utilizing Smile within Springbot! 

Once you're all connected, the following features will be available within Springbot:

New Dynamic Merge Tags

When sending email campaigns, you can easily add individual loyalty points or unique referral URLs by using dynamic merge tags. 

Within the text editor, there will be the following new merge tag options in the drop down down menu: 

[[customer_loyalty_points]]: Add this to individual emails to show customers their loyalty point balance

[[smile_referral_url]]: Add this to emails to send customers their unique referral url. Our customers’ customers can use this to send to their friends to earn points for each person that shops at the store. Plus, free marketing for our customers!

Creating Smile.io Segments in Springbot

On the Segments page in your Springbot dashboard, you can create segments based on Loyalty Status, Loyalty Points Balance, Smile Referral URL and Customer Birthday. This will allow you to tailor specific messaging to customers based on their Smile.io status.