Within every email you send from Springbot, our unsubscribe tag [[unsubscribe]] must be used. This allows your email recipient to unsubscribe from your email list, if they choose. 

After clicking on the unsubscribe link (seen in the example above), they will be sent to a page similar to the below. 

If they insert their email address, they will be unsubscribed from any Email List you have them listed in. If they reach this page by accident, they can click "Return to our website". This will take them back to your website homepage, and they will continue to remain an active subscriber.

If they do enter their email address to unsubscribe their email, they will then see a message similar to the below. If they change their mind and want to remain an active subscriber, they can re-subscribe their email address. When the "Resubscribe" button clicked, the email address is resubscribed to all the lists they previously were in.

This is the default experience for all Springbot stores, however you do have the option to change this setting. To change this setting, go to your Store Tab and navigate to Email Service Provider on the right hand side.

You will then need to UN-check the "Use one click unsubscribe" and then click Save

When turning OFF this setting, this enables our two-click unsubscribe process. Your customers will be taken to an unsubscribe preference center where they will see the name of all lists you currently have them subscribed to. They will be able to manually select which lists they want to leave, and which lists they want to remain active on. They will then click "Save Preferences" to remove their email from the selected lists.

Have more questions? Reach out to our support team at help@springbot.com