Sign up forms are an impactful way to grow your email lists and gather data about your subscribers. Please note this feature is only available to customers using Springbot for email campaigns. Please reach out to our Support Team if you’d like email campaigns activated. 

Looking to create an Embedded Form? Click here! 

Creating a Pop Up Sign Up Form

From the main dashboard, click Campaigns and select Sign Up Forms from the drop down menu. Click Create Signup Form in the upper right hand corner. 

The Configure page will prompt you to: 

  • Enter a name for your Sign Up Form 
  • Select which email list(s) you’d like new subscribers to land in. This will default to Pop Up List. 
  • Choose Pop Up from the Type field
  • You can edit the timing of your popup & style in which it appears from the Content field
  • The Pages field will let you designate a specific page for this popup. Please note that the Sign Up Form will show on your homepage by default, you do not need to add the Home URL to the “Include pages” field.
  • Click Next to proceed to the Design Content page to begin designing your Pop Up

Choosing A Template

We offer Basic templates which include text and a placeholder image. We also offer our Inspiration templates, which are further customized with background images, colors and formatting. 

Designing Your Pop Up   

Depending on the template you choose, you can then edit and add further elements on our Content page: 

Custom Exit Option 

When you add a new button, you will now see Custom Exit under Component Settings on the righthand side. It will appear below the button at all times and will close out the pop up when selected! 

Editing Your Mobile Pop Up 

Interested in learning how to edit your mobile pop up? Check out the video below!

To edit the mobile version of your sign up form, click on the phone icon in the left corner of the editor. This will show you the banner that will appear when a shopper is on your site. When the shopper clicks on the "Subscribe" button, they will then see the full version of your desktop pop up on their screen. You are able to edit the banner's color, text, and button color in the same way you would edit the desktop version's text and color!


In addition to the standard containers and content modules, you'll find a Forms category with several options:

Input Form 

This is where contacts will input information based on the type you select under Component Settings. When editing an input block, you’ll first need to designate the Type

There are 4 different Types of Input fields: 

  • Text: First name, last name, etc. 
  • Email: This is where users will input their email address
  • Number: Use this option to collect phone numbers
  • Date: Use this option to collect birth months to later send birthday messaging

    In the example below, there are 3 different types of input blocks being used:

Once you’ve selected the type of input, there will be a few additional settings to configure under Component Settings:

Show label: Select whether or not you’d like Label text to be shown above the your input form. 

Label text: Optional text that will display above your input form. 

Placeholder: Placeholder text will auto populate in the input form and will show users what information to input here. 

Attribute name: Important! Assigning an Attribute name will allow you to build custom segments based off of subscriber attributes. For example, when using the input field and trying to capture First Names, type in First Name in the Attribute Name field to easily build segments off of this information later. Learn more here!

Required: Checking this box will make entering this input field required in order to proceed with completing the form. 

In the example below, we typed Birthday as our Label text and checked the box Show label, so Birthday appears above the date input form:


Select Form 

The Select form provides drop down options for the user to submit when inputting a form. For example, you can prompt users to select Male or Female: 


Check Box Form 

The Checkbox is an optional field you can add to collect additional information from your subscribers. For example, if a new subscriber checks that they are interested in learning more about Earrings, you can build segments off of subscriber attributes to send targeted messaging about earrings to these subscribers later. 

In the example below, we have both Earrings and Necklaces as checkboxes: 

Recaptcha Form

reCAPTCHA is a free service offered through Google that allows you to better protect your website from spam by providing a test to help screen out bots. This “test” uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart and is one of the easiest ways to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. 

To enable reCAPTCHA, head to Store > Integrations and click reCAPTCHA for further instructions. This must be done before you add this element to your signup form.

Adding this form prompts users to check an "I'm not a robot" box.

Adding/Changing a Background Image 

  • To add a background image to your popup, highlight the entire popup so it’s outlined in blue
  • In the upper right hand corner, navigate to Style Settings (paintbrush icon) 
  • Expand Borders & Backgrounds 
  • Navigate to the Background section. From here, click on Images to upload a background image for your popup. 


Check it out! Video: Adding a Background Image to Sign Up Forms 

Success Page

Once you’ve designed your form, you’ll be prompted to design your Success Page. This is an opportunity to thank your new subscriber for signing up, share a promo code if you’re offering an incentive, include a map of your location or any other information that a new subscriber might find useful. 

This page has the same functionality and content module options as the Design Content page, as well as two additional options: 

Adding a Video

If you’d like to include a video sharing more about your brand, you can embed a video by dragging the Video Module into your Success Page. 

Under Component Settings, choose Vimeo or Youtube as your provider. 

Video: Copy & paste the video ID (numbers, letters, or a combination at the end of the video URL) 

Color: You can add a color hex code to change the color of the header text of your video. 

Adding a Map

Want to share the location of your store? Drag in the Map Module into your Success Page. Simply type in your store’s address on the right, and select if you’d like the Map type to be a Roadmap or Satellite view.

Review Page

Remember to always click Save and Continue before moving forward. Once you’ve designed the Popup and the Success Page, you’ll be ready to deploy your sign up form! 

Before doing so, you should always preview using Preview and Mobile Preview.

If everything looks good, click Activate on the Review Page and we will remotely launch the popup on your site! 

Please note that you may make edits to the configurations and design at anytime after launching but remember that in any instance you will always need to click "Next" until you land on this Review Page and click "Active"

At any point in time that you might wish to deactivate your Popup, head back to the Sign Up Form tab under the Email Tab. Click Deactivate. The popup will be immediately removed from your site.

Frequency of Popup

Our form is based on Cookies, so if someone has visited the site and seen your form, they should not see it again until that Cookie expires. Cookies are often deleted or prevented from being tracked so that is usually the reason for someone seeing the form twice. 

Cookies also don't transfer between devices or browsers, so if they are using multiple they will likely see the form twice. Because of this, its also possible for someone who has signed up in the past to receive the form twice, however our system will only send them an email if they are not a current subscriber. 

Editing Popup Once Activated

To edit your pop up once it is activated, you will have to deactivate it to make any changes to configuration and design. Hover your mouse over the play icon in the right corner of your active pop up and click. Confirm that you would like to deactivate the pop up and then click on the edit button on the pop up to make any changes. 

Learn how to utilize your subscriber data & build subscriber attribute segments here