Quick Launch is the first step with getting started with Springbot! Quick Launch is an automated step wizard that helps set up important settings for your store. You can change any of the information you input here later by navigating to the Store tab in your Springbot dashboard. Check out the video below to learn more: 

User Information

These three fields should include you, the main user of Springbot's, information. The name and phone number won't be viewable by your customers - just our internal Springbot team. 

Store Information

Store Name: This should be your business name. However you have your store name typed is how it will show to your customer, so ensure that spelling & appearance is correct! 

Address: This is necessary to have on file, as you have to include an address on your email campaigns to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. A brick & mortar address, personal address or PO box can all be used here.  o

Default From Name: This should replicate your Store Name. This is the from name your customers will see in their inbox.

Default Customer Name:  If you use the [[customer_first_name]] dynamic tag and we don’t have a subscriber’s first name, this will be how you greet them in your email. Valued Customer, Friend, Shopper are all good options here. You can also choose something more specific to your brand i.e., Shoe Lover, Fashion Fan, etc.

Default From Email Address: This is the email address you will send your emails from. This address must be from your store's domain. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc. will not be permitted here. If you need help setting up an email address from your domain, click here for additional resources. Once you’ve typed in this address, click Send Verification Email. This will send an email to the from address you’ve entered. When you receive this email, you must open and click the button inside to verify your address. This is a very important step - you cannot send emails from Springbot until this address has been verified!

Turn On Double Opt-in Email Confirmation (Optional): This feature is primarily used for stores located in the UK & EU to remain GDPR compliant. If you select this option, you’ll also need to use our Confirmation Automation. This is a double opt-in process for your new subscribers and they won’t officially be on your list until they confirm they subscribed to your list via the confirmation email they receive. This applies to all new subscribers who sign up for your email list via your Email Sign Up Form or Embedded Form.

Use One-Click Unsubscribe (Recommended): This activates our one-click unsubscribe feature, which allows subscribers to easily remove themselves from all your email lists with just one click.

Additional Users

If you have any additional users that will be using Springbot, please add in them on this page. Once added, they should receive an email prompting them to create their own password. You can also subscribe these users to weekly Springbot reporting emails. 


Adroll: If Adroll is a part of your Springbot package, you will want to click on this integration. 

You will see a section that says, "Custom Checkout URL." You do not need to complete this field unless you are confident that your store has a custom checkout URL that is not the default one provided by your shopping cart. (Just in case, leave this blanks & reach out to help@springbot.com to double check for you!)

For the Facebook & Instagram fields, complete these steps and Adroll will be connected to those two channels. 

Smile.io: This is a loyalty program that Springbot integrates with. If you utilize Smile.io & want to connect it to Springbot, simply click on it and follow the prompts. More info found here. 

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: Connecting your preferred social media channels will allow you to utilize Springbot's social media features - like scheduling posts and viewing engagement. More info found here. 

Zapier: If you utilize Zapier & want to connect it to Springbot, simply click on it and follow the prompts. More info found here.

Recaptcha: reCAPTCHA is a free service offered through Google that allows you to better protect your website from spam by providing a test to help screen out bots. 

Google Analytics: There are a few reporting metrics (like Unique Visitors, Sessions, Bounce Rate & Session Duration) that Springbot doesn't have access to. Connecting your store's Google Analytics account will fill in those reporting gaps. 

Import Subscriber List

If you have a list of subscribers outside of Springbot & your shopping cart (like Mailchimp or some other email software), you will want to export those subscribers from your account & upload them into Springbot.

 Please note that your CSV must be properly formatted before it can be uploaded (see example screenshot above).

We only need their Email, First name, and Last name so if your file has other information, it will need to be removed prior to uploading.

Store Branding  

Next it will prompt you to customize your emails - we recommend completing this step. If you do choose to customize your emails, you will be taken to our Store Branding, where you can input brand-related information that we save in our system. 

A few different items it might ask you for are....

Upload Your Logo: This will be saved in our system & should appear on a few of our email templates. 

Upload Your Banner: This will also be used for your email templates as well as your Automations Master Template. This image must be wider than it is tall. 

Note: File sizes for your logo and banner must be a JPG or PNG file and must be under 5MB.  

Email Templates: Select your preferred branding colors for your email templates. Remember that you can always change these later!

Social Buttons: These will populate wherever social icons are included or is dragged into the email editor.

Navigation Links: These links will be included wherever the NavBar Module is included or is dragged into the email editor. 

Done and done! Remember you can always make changes later by navigating to the Store tab from your main dashboard. 

Need more help? Drop us a line at help@springbot.com