We're so happy to have you! 

We tailor your Springbot experience based on where you’re at in the evolution of your ecommerce marketing - this allows us to personalize your experience so we can best help meet your growth needs based on traffic, subscribers, and revenue.

As you begin your marketing journey with Springbot, it’s important to start taking action so you can reach your fullest potential while using our platform. To help get you started, we’ve outlined the initial steps you should take in order to set yourself up for success!

Quick Launch

Quick Launch is an automated step wizard that helps set up important settings for your store. You can change any of the information you input here later by navigating to the Store tab in your Springbot dashboard. 

You’ll first be prompted to enter basic user & store information. Next, you’ll be be prompted to enter your Email Defaults:

  • Default From Name: Enter your store name here. This is the from name your customers will see in their inbox.

  • Default Customer Name:  If you use the [[customer_first_name]] dynamic tag and we don’t have a subscriber’s first name, this will be how you greet them in your email. Valued Customer, Friend, Shopper are all good options here. You can also choose something more specific to your brand i.e., Shoe Lover, Fashion Fan, etc.

  • Default From Email Address: This is the email address you will send your emails from. This address must be from your store's domain. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc. will not be permitted here. If you need help setting up an email address from your domain, click here for additional resources. Once you’ve typed in this address, click Send Verification Email. This will send an email to the from address you’ve entered. When you receive this email, you must open and click the button inside to verify your address. This is a very important step - you cannot send emails from Springbot until this address has been verified!

  • Turn On Double Opt-in Email Confirmation (Optional): This feature is primarily used for stores located in the UK & EU to remain GDPR compliant. If you select this option, you’ll also need to use our Confirmation Automation. This is a double opt-in process for your new subscribers and they won’t officially be on your list until they confirm they subscribed to your list via the confirmation email they receive. This applies to all new subscribers who sign up for your email list via your Email Sign Up Form or Embedded Form.

  • Use One-Click Unsubscribe (Recommended): This activates our one-click unsubscribe feature, which allows subscribers to easily remove themselves from all your email lists with just one click. Turning off this setting enables our two-click unsubscribe process. Your customers will be taken to an unsubscribe preference center where they will see the name of all lists you currently have them subscribed to. They will be able to manually select which lists they want to leave, and which lists they want to remain active on. More information can be found here.

  • Sync Subscribers (Recommended): This setting will automatically sync any contacts (guests or customers) who have the status Subscribed or Opted-In from your shopping cart to your Springbot All Subscribers list. 

Please note if you're on WooCommerce, there is the option on your checkout page to collect email subscribers that will sync to Springbot’s email lists. For this option please update your WooCommerce to the latest Springbot plugin version 1.0.0 at install.springbot.com.

Additional Users:  

If you have any additional users that will be using Springbot, please add them here. You can also subscribe these users to weekly Springbot reporting emails. 


We recommend integrating any features you plan on using as soon as you sign on with Springbot. If you need to skip this step, you can always access this later by navigating to Store > Integrations in your dashboard.

Please note: the Instagram integration is located in the Facebook integration. You'll need to connect this if you plan on using our Shoppable Instagram feature. 

For AdRoll, please note you'll only need to connect this if it is your first time using AdRoll. If you have an existing AdRoll account you'd like to migrate over, please send an email to help@springbot.com with "Migrate My AdRoll Account" as the subject line. Please make sure the body of the email says "I want to transition my current AdRoll account to Springbot". Please also confirm your monthly budget spend so we can ensure a seamless transition. 

Import Subscriber List:

If you have email lists from your previous email service provider you'd like to import, please do so here. Need to skip this step? You can always import your contacts later. Check out this article for more information! 

There are two ways to import your subscribers into Springbot:

  1. Upload a CSV: You can upload existing CSV lists here. Please note that your CSV must be properly formatted before it can be uploaded.

  2. Import via API:If you were previously using MailChimp or Constant Contact, you have the ability to import your previously created lists directly from your provider to Springbot via our integration with their API. This is recommended since it allows Springbot to gather engagement metrics from your previous provider to help us understand your currently engaged vs non-engaged subscribers. Click Select a provider on the right to choose your provider.

Pat yourself on the back! You're all set. Remember you can always make changes later by navigating to Store > Branding from you main dashboard. 

Store Branding 

Once you’ve completed Quick Launch, you’ll be asked if you’d like to proceed to Store Branding. Completing this step will ensure all of your branding is consistent throughout what you're sending from Springbot. We recommend completing this as soon as possible. If you’d like to skip this step or make changes later, head over to the Store > Store Branding tab from your main dashboard.

1: Upload Your Logo: If you’re using AdRoll, this will be used in your dynamic ads and other areas around the platform. 

2: Upload Your Banner:This will be used for your email templates. This image must be wider than it is tall. 

Note: File sizes for your logo and banner must be a JPG or PNG file and must be under 5MB.  

3: Email Templates: Select your preferred branding colors for your email templates. Remember that you can always change these later!

4: Social Buttons: These will populate wherever the Social Module is included or any new Social Module is dragged into the email editor.

5: Navigation Links: These links will be included wherever the NavBar Module is included or in any Navbar Module that is dragged into the email editor later on. 

Pro tip: We recommend adding up to 4 navigation links. Make it easy for your subscribers to navigate to key categories from your site without feeling overwhelmed! 

Done and done! Remember you can always make changes later by navigating to the Store tab from your main dashboard. 

Additional Features & Services 

The following add-on features and services are optional. If you'd like to add any of these to your package, drop us a line at help@springbot.com and we'll get you taken care of! 

Springbot Exchange

You'll need to complete the following steps before launching Onsite Abandonment or Audience Expander:

  • Opt your current customer data into the Springbot Exchange pool by selecting one of the available verticals in your dashboard here.
  • Update your website privacy policy to include more information on how your site uses customer data. More information and example verbiage can be found here

Facebook Campaign Services

Your Facebook Campaign Services Specialist will reach out via email shortly after you join Springbot. You'll need to complete a brand survey so we can get to know you better, along with some required steps that need to be completed before we can get started.

Once the tasks listed in the initial email have been completed, we can proceed with scheduling your first strategy call!

Ready to get started now? Complete the following steps before your first call: 

  • Have an active, working Facebook page (if you don't have an active page, you can create one by following these instructions)
  • Provide Springbot admin access to your Facebook page by following the instructions listed here
  • Give examples of ads you are currently running or examples of other ads that you like the look and feel of
  • Give context into the daily or monthly budget you are willing to spend on Facebook ads and input on what products, creative or messaging you would like seen for your ads

Email Campaign Services

Your Email Campaign Services Specialist will reach out to you directly via email shortly after you join Springbot. They'll send over a brand survey so we can get to know you better, along with a few required steps that need to be completed before we can get started. 

Once the tasks listed in the initial email have been completed, we can proceed with scheduling your first strategy call!

Ready to get started now? Complete the following steps before your first call: 

  • Send a collection of current content, graphics / images, or main content of your site for our team to use as reference (you can send via Dropbox, Google Drive or zip file)
  • Send a content calendar of upcoming promotions, sales, events, etc going on with your store so we can prepare an email sending schedule in conjunction with the number of email campaigns you have allotted to your services package
  • Send examples of the last 2-3 sent email campaigns or any main templates you'd like to have migrated to Springbot
  • Send examples of any campaigns you love to help us define the look and feel you'd like to achieve. This can be a competitor or a larger retailer.

Questions? Our team is here for you! If you need additional help, please drop us a line at help@springbot.com