The Store tab holds all of the fundamental information about your Springbot account. Within the store tab you can update your billing information, change your password, update your branding elements used throughout Springbot and much more! In this article, we'll walk through the functionality of each drop-down option within the Store tab. 

Store Settings 

In the Store Settings tab, you'll first see your Store profile which includes default basic information about your store: 

 Next, you'll see Email setup which are your default email settings: 

  • Email Provider: Select Springbot or another option if you're using a different email service provider.

  • Default Customer Name: If we don’t have a subscriber’s first name, this will be how you greet them in your email. Valued Customer, Friend, Shopper are all good options here. You can also choose something more specific to your brand i.e., Shoe Lover, Fashion Fan, etc.  

  • Engagement Threshold: This is the amount of time that Springbot will take to determine if a subscriber is Engaged or not. For example, if a subscriber opened or clicked an email within 3 months, they would be considered an Engaged subscriber. If they have not opened an email of yours within the allocated threshold time, they would be considered Unengaged. Learn more about the importance of these engagement metrics here.

  • Default From Email Address: This is the email address you will send your emails from. This address must be from your store's domain. @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, etc. will not be permitted here. If you need help creating an email from your store's domain, click here for additional resources.

  • Turn On Double Opt-in Email Confirmation (Optional): This feature is primarily used for stores located in the UK & EU to remain GDPR compliant. If you select this option, you’ll also need to use our Confirmation Automation. This is a double opt-in process for your new subscribers and they won’t officially be on your list until they confirm they subscribed to your list via the confirmation email they receive. This applies to all new subscribers who sign up for your email list via your Email Sign Up Form or Embedded Form.

  • Use One-Click Unsubscribe (Recommended): This activates our one-click unsubscribe feature, which allows subscribers to easily remove themselves from all your email lists with just one click. Turning off this setting enables our two-click unsubscribe process. Your customers will be taken to an unsubscribe preference center where they will see the name of all lists you currently have them subscribed to. They will be able to manually select which lists they want to leave, and which lists they want to remain active on. More information can be found here

Next you'll see your Report settings. These are the order statuses that we've pulled in from your shopping cart platform. In Springbot, you'll need to determine what each of these statuses means to your store. That way, the data that we pull into your dashboard will be the most accurate and relevant to you.

  • Reportable Statuses: These are any order statuses you use to mark a positive sale. You will likely have several in this column.
  • Cancelled Statuses: These are any statuses you use to mark a cancelled order.
  • Ignored Statuses: These are any statuses you want to exclude from reporting i.e., fraudulent orders.

Your Account

The Your Account page stores all of your billing information. On this page you can: 

  • View and update the current billing information Springbot has on file for your account.
  • Change your password. 
  • Access and download previous invoices. 
  • See all the stores you have setup in Springbot and update your weekly reporting subscriptions.  


We recommend integrating any marketing features you plan on using as soon as you starting using Springbot. If you skipped an integration step during Quick Launch, you can always make updates here!

Manage Users 

If you have any additional users that will be using Springbot, please add in the Manage Users section. You can also subscribe these users to nightly or weekly Springbot reporting emails. 

Store Branding  

Completing this step will ensure all of your branding is consistent throughout what you're sending from Springbot!

1: Upload Your Logo: This will be used for dynamic AdRoll ads, Automations and will be available anywhere that you can select an image. 

2: Upload Your Banner: This will be used for your email templates. This image must be wider than it is tall. 

Note: File sizes for your logo and banner must be a JPG or PNG file and must be under 5MB.


3: Email Templates: Select your preferred branding colors for your email templates. Remember that you can always change these later!

4: Social Buttons: These will populate wherever the Social Module is included or any new Social Module is dragged into the email editor.

5: Navigation Links: These links will be included wherever the NavBar Module is included or in any Navbar Module that is dragged into the email editor later on. We recommend adding up to 4 navigation links. Make it easy for your subscribers to navigate to key categories from your site without feeling overwhelmed! 

Questions? Our team is here for you! If you need additional help, please drop us a line at help@springbot.com