How do I find my Order Confirmation Page URL? Let's walk through it together!

The Order Confirmation Page URL is the link of the very last page a customer is taken to after purchasing their order.

To find your ecommerce stores Order Confirmation Page URL, simply follow the steps below! 

  1. Place a test order in your store. 
  2. On the Order Confirmation page, copy the URL string. 
  3. Then, in your Springbot account, in the AdRoll section, paste the URL. Since we will only be needing the very last section of the URL, you can delete everything before the last /. Common examples of the last piece of this URL is /success or /thank_you.
  4. Once you've entered this into the text bar, click Save.

Now that you have completed this you'll be placed in the approval process with AdRoll. This typically takes 24-72 hours. While your account is being approved, you can get your first AdRoll campaign setup by going to AdRoll in the top navigation, then Create Ads in the sub navigation. Simply select the correct ad type from the drop down and then follow the steps to upload your ad!

So why do you need to know my Order Confirmation Page URL?

When evaluating your AdRoll campaigns, it's important to know when shoppers convert to purchasers. To setup this tracking, AdRoll sets the conversion point as your stores order confirmation page URL. This will allow you to identify purchasers from your store that originated from your AdRoll campaign.

Still have questions? Reach out to the Springbot Customer Success Team by emailing!