Industry leaders prioritize knowing who their customers are and they are constantly strategizing on the best ways to personalize that messaging. Instead of treating your customer base as whole, consider tailored messaging that is relevant to each individual subscriber. You can also accomplish this through utilizing Springbot’s custom segments. Below we've listed some ideas of custom segments you can create to help get you started: 

Custom Segment Examples

Subscriber Attributes: With our Sign Up Form, you can collect information from your subscribers via the Input field. You can collect whatever information you allocate in that field, such as their birth month, what type of products they’re interested in, etc. You can then create custom segments based on the Attribute Names you designated when creating your sign up form.  This will allow you to send emails with targeted messaging based on Subscriber Attributes.

Repeat Customers: Reward customers who have bought several times from you with a VIP discount, or request a review on your site or social media platforms.

Customers Who Have Only Bought Once: Why haven't they come back? Try offering Free Shipping on their next order, or ask for feedback to get insight on how you can best serve their needs as a customer. 

Product Promotions: Did a popular product run out of stock? Do customers buy a lot of Product X, and you know they would love Product Y too? Get creative with utilizing your product data to encourage repeat purchases!

Location: Have a brick & mortar? Want to send an email to customers based on the weather (think - during a snowstorm they can warm up with cool deals!) or perhaps you'll be at a trade show or special event and want to meet some of your customers in person? Use the Location criteria to reach out to your customers at their home base.

Win-Back Lost Customers: Create a segment of all customers who haven't bought recently and ask them to come back. Promos like Free Shipping go a long way here, as well as including links to your most popular items they might want to get their hands on!

Average Order Value: You can use this data to identify your customers who spend the most with you each time they buy (or customers who spend less than average and work to get them to spend more on their next order).

Holiday Shoppers: Create a segment of all customers who bought from you during Black Friday - Cyber Monday of last year, and reach out with your exciting holiday sales and product promotions in advance of this year's shopping holiday!

Applying Custom Segments

Once you’ve created your segments, it’s time to put them to use! When creating your next email campaign, navigate to the Configure page. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see an optional Filters tab. Under include filters, just select the segment you’d like to email and send away! 

Something to note: no matter who you include in your segment, they will have to be an existing email subscriber of yours in order for them to populate in a segment. So it is possible you could have 100 women in your female demographic segment, but only 50 people populate because only 50 out of your 100 customers are of them as subscribers. 

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