Your Reports section is the most comprehensive way to identify how your Springbot actions are performing, as well as audit your store performance as a whole. 

To access your Reports data, simply navigate to Reports > Dashboard at the top of your screen.

There is a lot of data to uncover throughout this page, so let's walk through everything together!

Custom Date Range

The custom data range is one of the most important parts of this page. When you change the dates at the top of the page, this will affect all of the data you see below. Now, you can easily look at the exact range of data you’re searching for.

Sort By / Graph By

For all the reporting you see in Springbot, we will most likely default to showing you revenue, but you can also look at other metrics by clicking Graph By or Sort By

Export to CSV

All of the reports throughout Springbot can be exported to a CSV so you can create your own reports for your team from the data downloaded. The Export to CSV link is located on the bottom right of each graph/table in your dashboard.

Your Store’s Performance

Here you can view your overall performance by metrics such as Revenue, Sessions, Product Adds / Product Abandons, Conversion Rate and more. You can choose to view all the results based on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly results depending on the date range selected. This is a great place to get a quick snapshot of how your store is performing across several metric points.

We are also able to pull in data from Google Analytics, so if you are seeing no data under metrics like Sessions, Bounce Rate, Session Duration, etc this might be because you haven't connected Google Analytics yet. You can update this under Store > Integrations.

Your Channels

Your Channels are the combined look into all your actions that are the same type. So, all of your Email Campaigns together vs all of your AdRoll Ads together, for example. Here you will be able to see the total performance of a Channel, but you can also click the name of a Channel to see additional data specific to those types of actions.

Your Top Actions

Actions are the individual marketing actions you've taken, so this would display a specific Email Campaign or Facebook post you've made trackable in Springbot. On the Reports dashboard you'll be able to see the top performing actions for the date range you have selected, but if you need to see all your actions, you can do that under Reports > Action History.

Your Top Tags

Tags are a great way to keep yourself more organized in Springbot. Over time, you might create so many different actions that it might be hard to remember which ones belonged to a particular campaign or promotion. Tags will allow you to group similar actions together -- almost like a folder system in Springbot.

For example, let's say you're having a big Cyber Monday sale and will be promoting it with several Email Campaigns, Facebook posts, blog posts and online ads. You can create a tag called "Cyber Monday" and apply this tag to all these different actions. In Springbot we will then group them together to make it easier for you to identify how the entire campaign performed as a whole. Click here to learn more about Tags.

Your Customers

Here we are able to show more detailed information on the customers who have purchased during the time frame you have selected. We can show you the number of new vs return customers, their age, gender, household income, marital status, and even if they have kids in their household. It’s a great way to get to know more about your customers so you can target them more effectively.

Your Top Products & Categories

Here you can see more data into your top performing products and categories, and compare specific products or categories side by side.

You'll also be able to add different products or categories to the graph by clicking the grey square to the far left of the product image. You'll then see the product added to the graph above, identified by a different color line. This will allow you to compare different items side by side.

Your Top Coupon Codes

You likely offer coupon codes a lot to your customers to incentives them to purchase from your store (and keep them coming back!). We can show you all the different Coupon Codes you've created in Springbot under Reports. Not only will you be able to see how much revenue the code generated for you, but you can also see how much it cost you in discounts. You can also click the name of the code to see additional information on which products are being purchased when the code is used.

If you're frequently using Coupon Codes in actions like Email Campaigns or Triggered Emails, we recommend cross-referencing this report with the report you may be looking at for that particular action. Since Springbot uses last click attribution, we're only able to attribute revenue if the action was the last item a customer clicked on before buying. However, if a customer opened your email campaign and saw the code, but did not click the email and went to your site on their own and bought, we won't be able to attribute revenue back to that email campaign. But if you know that the email is where the shopper found the code, you can use the Coupon Codes report to still identify how much revenue that campaign drove for your store.

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