When you first installed Springbot, we connected to your store and pulled all your customer data for reporting purposes. Using the customer's email address as their unique identifier, our 3rd party partners utilized this data to find public information on your shoppers. Using Segments you can learn more about who your customers are and target them with tailored email campaigns.

Customer Segments

To see your segments, navigate to Reports > Segments.

Along this page you will see all segments in your Springbot account -- which includes pre-built segments we've made for you (Demographic, RFM, etc.), or any custom segments you've created on your own.

For any segment you can click the name of the segment to learn more about the contacts who make up the segment. You can also search for segments by name or filter by their Type.

Types of Segments

There are 6 different types of segments available: Demographic, RFM, Uploaded, Custom, Loyalty, and Other.

Demographic Segments

These are some of the most common criteria points, and are a good place to start when you're first creating segments to learn more about your customers. All demographic criteria is collected from your store and matched by our partner, Tower Data, to a contact's email address. If we cannot confirm data for a contact, they will not be included in the segment.

RFM Segments

RFM Segments are based on the recency, frequency, and monetary value of your customer's purchases. More in-depth information can be found in the articles below:
Defining the RFM Segments and How Best to Use Them

Uploaded Segments

Uploaded segments are created from an uploaded CSV document of email addresses. To create this segment, click the Upload Segment button in the top right corner and follow the directions to ensure it is properly formatted. You can also download an example of a properly formatted file here.

Custom Segments

Customer segments are created in Springbot by selecting specific attributes related to demographics, location, purchases, products, and more.

Click here for how to create custom segments using attributes.

Click here for ideas of custom segments you can build.

Loyalty Segments

If you have integrated your Smile.io account with Springbot, you can build segments based on loyalty attributes like Loyalty Status, Loyalty Points Balance, and Smile Referral URL. 

Click here to learn more about Smile.io's integration with Springbot.

Other Popular Segments

  • Everyone in Springbot - This is where any customer record we have in your store or connected email list is found.
  • Engaged Subscribers - Contacts who have opened, clicked or “confirmed at” an email within the set time frame of the engagement threshold (more information here)
  • Unengaged Subscribers - Contacts who have not opened, clicked or “confirmed at” an email within the set time frame of the engagement threshold (more information here)

Diving Into Each Segment

Click the name of any segment (in blue) and you will be taken to another page where you can learn more about the customers that fall into each segment. There is a wide variety of information that can be uncovered here:


At the top, you will see an awesome snapshot of order information, along with Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) data and more.

Performance for Past 36 Months

You can see a month-by-month look at the last 36 months of data to see when customers in this segment are purchasing from you. This can help you identify trends for this segment of when they tend to buy the most often.


Here you can see demographic data (age, gender, education, income, marital status, children, new vs return) for customers in this segment. This section will compare customers in this segment vs your store average. Hover over each of the line graphs to see more data.

Top Products

This details the most purchased items by customers in this segment (for the last 180 days)


This is the site someone was on prior to coming to your site and completing their purchase. You will most commonly see "Other" listed here. This is because the majority of shoppers have pop up blockers enabled which prevents Springbot from pulling this data from Google Analytics.

What Can I Use Segments For?

Not only can you use segments to learn more about your customers and their behaviors, but you can also create segments to send more targeted Email Campaigns or use for more targeted Ad Campaigns.

For example, you might want to create a segment of customers who have only purchased one time in the last year. Why haven't they come back? You can then apply this segment to an Email Campaign to win them back. Try offering Free Shipping on their next order, or ask for their feedback in a more personal way to show them you care. 

Similarly, you can use your demographic segments to target ads at your male vs female shoppers. That way you can show female centric products to females, and vice versa to males. Alternatively (for example), you can target males with female items to remind them about gift ideas they might need for Mother's Day.

More ideas on segments you can create can be found here.

Have more questions? Reach out to help@springbot.com