Bring Them Back: AdRoll Retargeting Ads

Before we get started, let's talk about what AdRoll is. Our partnership with AdRoll allows you to submit and serve ads that drive your customer back to your site to make a purchase. 

How does this work, you ask? From the Store > Integration tab, connect AdRoll to your Springbot account. The springbots will automatically place a tracking pixel on your site so you can track the movements of shoppers when they visit your site (eg. what products they view). This tracking pixel will allow us to serve your ads to customers when they leave your website and go to another (for example or or go to their Facebook/Instagram accounts. Check out the examples below!

Retargeting ads show up on websites in the ad network that your shoppers visit after they leave your store

What is a Campaign?

Campaign is a collection of all ads in AdRoll. You can have two different types of Campaigns in AdRoll - Inventory or Universal. Inventory Campaigns are being phased out, but currently consist of ads meant for a specific channel placement (e.g. all web-based display ads, both static and dynamic). Universal Campaigns consist of ads that are all the same type (e.g. all dynamic ads, both web and Facebook placements). Customers who are launching AdRoll for the first time will only have access to Universal Campaigns.

Legacy customers are encouraged to migrate to Universal Campaigns as soon as possible to take advantage of more strategic bidding technology.

What is an Ad Group?

Groups of ads can come together to form an Ad Group, which lives within your Campaign. This Ad Group can have certain characteristics - such as targeting a specific segment of customers on your site or scheduled for a specific time period. Customers using Universal Campaigns can create and schedule ad groups within Springbot. Customers on Inventory Campaigns must reach out to our Customer Success Team to make any ad group changes.