Before Getting Started...

Make sure you connect AdRoll to your website by following the instructions found here. You will also want to ensure your privacy policy is updated with Adroll's information found here.

Configuring Your Campaign

Once you've connected AdRoll to your website, click Ads at the top of your Springbot dashboard and then click Ad Library.

Ad Library is where all of your retargeting ads are listed. To create new ads, click on Create Ads.

If you haven't already done so, you'll need to next connect your Google Analytics account. This allows Springbot to easily pull in metrics such as your monthly site visitors to assist in budget recommendations for you!

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account or don’t wish to connect it to Springbot, please fill in your estimated Monthly site traffic on the right hand side or select “I don’t know my site’s monthly traffic” - reach out to our Customer Success team if you'd like help estimating your monthly site traffic.

Next you'll, select which type of ads you’d like to run. Depending on your budget, you can select either “Static Web Ads & Static Social Ads” OR “Dynamic Web Ads & Dynamic Social Ads”. We recommend selecting all 4 types for optimum performance, but you'll need to increase your budget appropriately to allow for all 4 types.

Setting Your Budget

After selecting the types of ads you wish to run, use the sliding budget tool to see your recommended budget based on site traffic and the types of ads you've selected. If you need more budget to achieve your desired reach, click “Increase Budget” and follow the instructions to reach Springbot's Customer Success Team for next steps.

If you have selected Dynamic Web or Dynamic Social Ads, you next have the option to exclude specific product categories from displaying in your ads.We recommend allowing all of your products to show without limitation, but if you would like to prevent a specific category from showing, click the green plus icon to add it as an exclusion.

Finally, you'll need to schedule your ads by either creating a new Ad Group or adding them to an existing Ad Group. Click the Ad Group dropdown menu to see existing Ad Groups or type to enter a name for a new Ad Group. 

If you are creating an Ad Group, select a Start Date and Time and End Date and Time or check No End Date to keep this Ad Group active for the foreseeable future. Please note that all times are in the UTC timezone, which may differ from your local timezone. 

You'll also see the option of where the Social ads will be placed. We recommend running ads on all of the Social Ad Placements!

Once all of the required fields have been selected, click Next to proceed.

Creating Ads

Static Web Ads

To create static web ads, upload your finished ad images and fill in the Ad Name and Link URL. This is where your customers will go when they click on the ad. We recommend giving your ads a detailed name for easy reporting in the future. You can upload as many ads as you’d like, but we recommend uploading at least one ad in the following sizes: 

  • 160x600px
  • 300x250px
  • 320x50px
  • 728x90px
  • 300x600px
  • 970x250px

We also recommend creating Native Ads. Native ads appear as a part of the design of the web page they’re on. Rather than standing out as an ad, native ads tend to have an editorial look and feel, with a softer selling approach. Native Ads require text headlines and images in the following sizes:

  • 600x600px
  • 600x500px
  • 600x315px

Static Social Ads

To create static social ads, upload as many images you wish in the following sizes: 600x315px, 600x600 px, 1200x628px, 1200x1200px. Just like with web ads, images must be JPGs or PNGs, and must have a file size less than 150KB.

Static social ads also require the following text elements:

  • Text Headline - 90 character max, usually short, attention-grabbing headline for your ad
  • Link Description - 200 character max - an opportunity to explain more about your brand or offer details
  • Title - 25 character max -store name or secondary headline
  • Call-to-action - select from the dropdown menu options

*Please note - for ads to run on the Instagram Social Placement, they must be either in the 600x600px or 1200x1200px format. 

Dynamic Web Ads

Dynamic Web Ads pull in images of the products the visitor looked at while on your site along with your most viewed products. These ads utilize a common theme across all ad sizes and are created all at once as a set. To create, you must enter an option for all fields listed on the page:

  • Ad Name - typically something descriptive like the theme chosen for these ads
  • Logo - a square or horizontal rectangle is best
  • Call-to-action - select from dropdown menu options
  • Color - select a primary color for your call-to-action button
  • Theme - the overall template for your ads. These update throughout the year so check back frequently to see new options.
  • Displayed Price - show the price of your products
  • Promo Text (available for specific themes) - no more than 25 characters recommended
  • End Date (available for Countdown Timer theme only) - select the final date to count down time remaining


Dynamic Social Ads

Like dynamic web ads, dynamic social ads show the exact products the visitor viewed on your site in a carousel-style ad on Facebook. To create dynamic social ads, you must upload a Failover image to show just in case your dynamic content cannot load. We recommend using the same images you would use for a static social ad. Failover image must be 600x315px or 1200x628px, must be JPGs or PNGs, and must have a file size less than 150KB.

Dynamic social ads also require the following text elements:

  • Text Headline - 90 character max, usually short, attention-grabbing headline for your ad
  • Title - %%title%% by default, pulls in Product Name
  • Description - %%price%% by default, pulls in Product Price
  • Call-to-action - select from the dropdown menu options

Your final option is to choose between a multi-product ad and a single-product ad. 

*Please note - for ads to run on the Instagram Social Placement, they must be either in the 600x600px or 1200x1200px format. 

Reviewing and Launching Your Campaign

Once you have uploaded all of your new ads, click next to reach the final Review step. On this page you will review your campaign set up, your selected ad groups, your budget, and your uploaded ads themselves. If you are ready to launch your campaign, click the checkbox to agree to our Terms and Conditions and click the Confirm and launch campaign button in the bottom right corner. This will launch your new ads in your campaign. 

It can take 24 hours for ads to be reviewed and approved by AdRoll. When they are approved, their status will be updated in Ads > Ad Library. If you ads are rejected, please reach out to the Customer Success team for further information and next steps. AdRoll's AI will then automatically optimize your campaigns to drive the best performance for your store.