When you scroll down on the Instagram Shop page, you will see the Content section on the left hand side. Springbot adds default verbiage for your page automatically, but you can edit this section to make it more branded.

On the far right of your screen you will see a phone preview. As you are making changes, you can look to the phone to see how your changes are rendering to see if you need to make additional edits.

  • Shop Title - We recommend putting your store name here
  • Shop Subtitle - If you have a tagline or subtitle of your store, you can place this here
  • Shop Subtitle Alignment - Choose Left, Center, or Right aligned
  • Welcome Header - Greet your visitor with a short hello!
  • Welcome Blurb - Tell visitors a little bit about your store, or simply let them know they can click on an image below to shop more on your site.
  • Reminder Header and Reminder Blurb - This will appear if someone clicks "Remind Me" on one of the images.
    • This is only visible / enabled if you have the Reminder Triggered Emails turned ON.
  • See More Blurb - This is a little note that will appear about the "View Full Site" button at the bottom of your Instagram landing page.
  • Logo - This should be a square image, and it will automatically be resized to 50x50 px.
  • Background Image - Optional feature you can use to make your page stand out more!
  • Background Effect - Options of Stretched, Tiled, or None

After making any changes, be sure to click Save and reload to save your work!