You probably already use Facebook to connect and engage with your customers, but with Facebook Messenger you can take this to the next level. Facebook Messenger now enables you to send an Abandoned Cart message to your shoppers directly in their Facebook Messenger.

Combining this with your traditional Abandoned Cart Emails not only doubles your chances of your message being seen, but also allows you to send this customized message to shoppers who haven't even entered their email address. It's quick, personal, and super effective -- with over 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger each month, you're truly grabbing their attention where they spend a majority of their time online.

Before Getting Started....

There are a few requirements before you're able to start using this feature:

  • Magento Plugin Version of 2.1.9 or higher
  • Magento 2 Version or higher
  • WooCommerce Plugin Version of 0.0.7
  • Site must have an SSL certificate / https on all product pages
  • Facebook Page need to be published live and public

Connect Facebook

First, connect your Facebook account to Springbot by clicking Store > Integrations at the top of your dashboard. Click on Facebook and follow the prompts to connect Facebook to Springbot. When completed, you will be redirected back to Springbot to select your default Facebook Business Page.

Setup Facebook Widget

About the Widgets:

Facebook Messenger requires an opt-in for businesses to send messages. Springbot will capture Facebook Messenger Subscribers by placing a “Send to Messenger” widget on your website. The widget will be automatically placed on every product page across your site.

Types of Widgets

  • Add to Cart: While shopping your site, your visitors will see an option to check off / turn on the Send to Messenger checkbox. Once they add an item to their cart, they will be added to your Messenger Subscriber list and will be able to receive Abandoned Cart Messages.
  • Discount: This works similarly to the option above, but goes a step further to reveal a discount code after the visitor checks off / turns on the Send to Messenger checkbox. Once they add an item to their cart, they will be added to your Messenger Subscriber list and will be able to receive Abandoned Cart Messages.
    • ** We recommend starting with this widget first! This option is more helpful in getting Messenger subscribers because it incentivizes the visitor with a discount code.

*Note: Facebook does not allow a lot of customization for these widgets. 

How it works: 

  • Site visitors will visit a product page on your website
  • Visitor chooses to check the “Send to Messenger” box in the widget on any product page
    • If the visitor is already signed into Facebook in their browser, they will see their name is signed in within the Widget
    • If visitor is not signed into Facebook, they will see a sign in prompt within the Widget
  • Then they select the Add to Cart button on that product page to add that product to their cart
  • They will be subscribed to the your Messenger Subscriber list and will receive Abandoned Cart Messages in their Facebook Messenger

Selecting Your Widget

In your Springbot dashboard, select Automations > Settings.

Scroll down to see your Facebook Messenger Settings. You have two setup options depending on which widget you want to start using:

Add to Cart Widget

  • Text: This is what appears below the Send to Messenger and Facebook user text on the Widget.
  • Subscribed Text: This is what appears after the visitor has checked the box and added a product to their cart. Consider this the success message.
  • Widget Size: Small, Medium, Large, Standard, X-Large
  • Text Color:This changes the font color.
    • White (for black text)
    • Black (for white text)
  • Alignment:Alignment of widget text
    • Center
    • Left

Discount Widget

  • Header: Appears above the widget. Use this to draw attention to the discount you're providing!
  • Subheader: Appears directly below the header. Use this to explain how they get the discount and what they are signing up for.
  • Call to Action Button: This text appears on the button (this button will be inactive until the visitor selects the checkbox for “Send to Messenger”)
  • Coupon Code: The generic coupon code customer inputs that will be revealed once visitor selects “Send to Messenger” and then the Add to Cart button

Adding the Widget to Your Site

  1. Once you have customized your widget, select “Activate” and Springbot will  automatically place this widget across your website. 

  2. If you'd prefer to place the widget on your own or want make further customizations, you have the ability to copy the widget code from the Widget section on the Master Settings page and add it to your site.

  3. The Widget will not activate unless Facebook has been connected on the Integrations page. You will see an alert notification on the Master Settings page if you select Activate and have not yet authorized Facebook.

Creating Your Facebook Messenger Abandoned Cart Message

In your Springbot dashboard, select Automations > Dashboard. Then click on the button that says "Create"

It will then take you into the flow-view so you can create the message. We recommend first changing the Automation Name so you can tell what this flow is for. We named ours "FB Abandoned Cart." 

You will then want to click into the top "When someone..." box and choose "abandons a cart" as the trigger from the drop-down. 

You will then want to drag & drop our "Delay by..." box and then choose when you'd like this message to send. We recommend starting with one hour. 

Next, you will drag & drop the box that says "Take action!" - this is where we will format the actual message. We recommend editing the name for this as well, again we used FB Abandoned Cart.

Underneath the naming section, you will want to click the drop down that asks you to select the type of action you'd like to take, choosing Facebook Message.


Lastly, you will want to click on the pen & paper icon that appears when you click on the action box. On the Facebook Message configure page, you have the option to edit text like the introductory message, header, subheader and call to action, if you wish. 

Below is an explanation of each editable action in this message.

To build out your Facebook Messenger email, you'll need to fill out the sections you see on the Design page:

  • Trigger Name: This is internal only so your customer's won't see how you name this email. It's just to help your team easily identify it in your Springbot dashboard!
  • Introductory Message: This message will be sent right before the items in the cart are sent to the shopper. Use this to greet your Messenger Subscribers and let them know about their abandoned cart.
  • Background Image: 
    • This adds a finished look to the top of the cart message after the first message is sent.
    • In order to keep the text readable, Facebook puts a 40% transparent black overlay on your image
    • Ideal dimensions are 1000x520 px
    • We recommend using a lifestyle image here, but your logo works as well. Keep in mind the Header (more below) will be in a white font, so don't use an image that is too light or a logo that is on a white background.
  • Header: This goes over the background image.
  • Subheader: This goes over the background image below the Header.
  • Call to Action: This is the text that is on the button
  • Cart Contents: Product Name, Product Image, Product URL (this is automatically pulled in for you!)

Turning It On

Now we can turn it on! To do so, you will want to make your way back to the Automations > Dashboard, find your FB Abandoned Cart flow and hit the On button to right of the name. Your Facebook Abandoned Cart message will now send to every people that opts to be on your Facebook list & then abandons a cart!

Need more help? Drop us a line at help@springbot.com!