By default, Springbot's shortened trackable links include in the root of the URL. This can be customized so that the URL "looks" more like your actual website name.

Purchase Your Shortened URL

The first step is for you to purchase a shortened URL that "looks" more like your website that the default Springbot version. We want you to purchase this so that you own the link and are able to take it with you even if in the future you no longer use Springbot.

To purchase this, you can do to a domain registrar site (such as to purchase your URL. You want to choose one that is short in nature so it will save character space in social posts. 

Once you purchase the domain, you will set up a 301 permanent redirect without masking to "". Each registrar will have different steps on how to complete this redirect, so refer to their own knowledge base for instructions.

Once complete, reach out to your Account Manager ( so they can setup the shortened URL in the backend of your Springbot dashboard and text to ensure the link is redirecting properly.

After this, you will start to see the custom shortened domain you purchased in your Springbot features instead of the domain (specifically when posting in Social Hub or creating a Trackable Link). 

Still have questions? Reach out to our Customer Success Team at!