Springbot's Social Hub allows you to create, schedule and analyze your social content all from one place - making it easier for you to quickly utilize all social integrations within your Springbot dashboard.

Before using Social Hub, ensure you have connected your Facebook and Twitter Accounts via Store > Integrations.

To access the Social Hub select Social in the top navigation, then select Social Hub in the sub menu.

Select Your Channel

First you'll need to select the social channel you want to post to. On the left hand side, you will see icons for Facebook and Twitter. Once you select one, you will see the icon turn blue to let you know that you selected it properly. You can post to either channel separately, or post to both at the same time by selecting them both.

When selecting Facebook, please note that you will select the correct Facebook Business Page via a dropdown menu beneath the compose box.

Compose Your Post

Begin typing in your message in the box on the right. This is the message that will be posted to Facebook and/or Twitter once you have the post go live. As you type, you'll see the Character count is added up for you, so you know if you are nearing the character limit (when posting to Twitter).

Enhance Your Post with Products and Images

At the bottom of the Social Hub, you will see 3  small grey icons to help you create your post:

 Add Product Image and Link from Store Catalog - Springbot has harvested all of your product data, so you are able to easily add a product image and link by using this function. Simply click the icon and begin searching for a product in your catalog. Once you select the item, we will automatically add the default product image to the post along with the link to that product on your website.

Once your post goes live, we will automatically shorten this link, to make it appear more friendly when posted. Tracking the link allows you to see all of the clicks and revenue generated from that specific Facebook or Twitter Post.

 Upload an Image from Your Computer - If the default product image is not the image you want to use for this post, you can click the grey X next to it to remove it, and then upload a new image from your computer by clicking the camera icon.

Preview Your Post

 Clicking this icon will bring up a pop-up window that will give you a preview of how your post will look when posted to Facebook or Twitter.

Schedule Post for Later or Post Now

Toward the center of your screen, you will see two buttons - Schedule Post and Post Now:

Post Now - If you want your post to go live right away, just click Post Now.

Schedule Post -  To schedule your post for the future, select the date, hour, and minute you want the post to go live. Click "Schedule Post for Selected Time", and we will take care of the rest! This is a great way to stay ahead of your social marketing calendar -- you can knock out several posts for the week ahead in one sitting! (Note - you must schedule your post at least 1 hour in advance. If you need your post to go live in under an hour, use the "Post Now" option)

Idea Hub

If you need some help with crafting your post, our Idea Hub is here to help. Click "Let's Do It!" for any of the post ideas you see on the right, and we will add the messaging in for you, in a "fill in the blank" fashion.

Depending on the message you may have to insert several fields (like product name and link), so make sure you read things over carefully before posting!

Content Calendar

Below the Social Hub you will see your Marketing Calendar. Here you will see all the posts you have scheduled for the future or posted already to keep track!

Delete, Edit or Re-Schedule a Post

To edit or re-schedule a future post on your calendar, simply click the post and you will see a pop-up appear where you can make the needed changes.

Facebook and Twitter Feeds

At the very bottom of this page, you will see your Facebook and Twitter Feeds. Here is where we will pull in any posts you've made to either of these channels, so you can easily see your most recent posts.

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Need more help? Reach out to our Customer Success team at help@springbot.com!