Importing SMS Subscribers to Keyword Lists 

To manually import SMS subscribers to a keyword list, first navigate to keyword list you would like to add subscribers to, and then select Add to list

This will take you to the Add Subscribers page. From here, you have two import options: 

  • Manual: This option is best used for adding one subscriber at a time. For example, this would be great for adding an employee or someone internal from your company.
  • Upload CSV:  This option is recommended when migrating an existing subscriber list from another platform.

Subscription Confirmation 

Adding or migrating lists of SMS Subscribers to Springbot’s short code requires users to confirm their subscription. Springbot takes care of this by automatically sending a Confirmation Message once the list has finished uploading.  In order for users to successfully subscribe to receive SMS messages from you, they must reply back to the confirmation text they received with the keyword. Once the contact confirms, they will receive your Welcome Auto-Response for that keyword and will be added to your keyword list!

Confirmation Text Example: 

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