You'll be able to setup multiple Onsite Abandonment Emails and configure these settings differently for each one:

  • From Name - This is who it will look like your email is coming from. We recommend putting your Store Name.
  • From Email Address - This is the email address your emails will come from.
  • Subject Line - We have some pre-written options for you to choose from, but you can also select 'Custom Subject Line' and type in your own!
  • Pre-header Text - This text will appear after the subject line, but not in the body of the email itself.
  • Recipients - There are a few options to choose from:
    • All Contacts - This allows you to send your Onsite Abandonment Emails to anyone who visits your site.
    • Subscribers - Your emails will only be sent to visitors who are existing subscribers on your Email List.
    • Non-Subscribers - Your emails will only be sent to visitors who are NOT on your existing subscriber list
  • Default Customer Name - This is how we will greet your customer, so Valued Customer, Shopper, or Friend are all good options!
  • Email List to Add To - This will default to a new Onsite Abandonment email list. This list will also be included in your All Subscribers list. 
  • Timing -  Depending on who you send to, there are some restrictions on the earliest you can send. We recommend setting this to 1 day for that first touch point.