Once you've opted-in, you'll scroll down to see the Onsite Abandonment section. Here you'll click Get Started.

Then you will configure your Settings:

  • Default From Name - This is who it will look like your email is coming from. We recommend putting your Store Name.
  • Default From Email Address - This is the email address your emails will come from. 
  • Email Verification - If your from email address has already been verified by Springbot, you will see the word "Verified". If not, click the "Send Verification Email" button to verify your email address.
  • URL Activation - By leaving this blank, we will pick up on Onsite Abandonment on any page of your website. If you insert specific URLs, these are the only pages we will be able to pick up on Onsite Abandonment (so we recommend leaving this part blank so you can capture more visitors!)
  • URL Blacklist - Enter any pages of your site you don't want users tracked on. We recommend support pages, FAQs and your Privacy Policy page, for example.
  • Email Domain Blacklist - Enter email domains that you don't want to receive emails. We suggest your store's domain so employees are not targeted, along with your competitors or manufacturers that you don't want to have see any discounts you might be offering.
  • Email List To Add To - This will default to a new Onsite Abandonment email list. This list will also be included in your All Subscribers list.
  • Default Customer Name - This is how we will greet your customer, so Valued Customer, Shopper, or Friend are all good options!
  • Send Subscription Confirmation Email - When enabled, this will send a follow up email to any current non-subscribers who've opened or clicked your email to confirm their subscription (this is an optional setting).