Before you begin...

Before you can edit & launch your Audience Expander email, you will first have to opt into our Exchange (learn more here) & ensure you have the proper privacy information disclosed on your website (learn more here)

You’ll need to set up a few things in the background before you can design your emails. There are 3 steps to this process:

1. Configure

  • Email Subject - This will be seen by your subscribers in their inbox. It's a good idea to keep your subject line short but also to make it exciting enough that recipients will want to open it to see what's inside the email.
  • Pre Header Text - This text will appear in your subscriber's inbox right after the subject line is listed, like this:
  • From Email Address - This is the email address your emails will be sent from, and will need to be properly verified by Springbot before you can send emails. 
  • From Name - We recommend using your store name here to ensure your brand is recognizable.
  • Default Customer Name - This is the name we will greet the email recipient by if we don't have their first name on record. You can choose from the pre-set list or select Other and type in your own. The default customer name you set will appear when you use the [[customer_first_name]] tag in the body of your email.

Once you've made your changes, click Next to continue.

2. Design

It's important to remember that people receiving your Audience Expander email have never heard of your brand before, so now is your chance to make the best first impression!

Keep your email design simple, and consider using some of our best practice recommendations:

  • Your brand story - this could include a tagline, great lifestyle shot of your product in use, your mission statement; anything that makes your brand unique and special that will attract new customers!
  • Top-selling products that you consistently have in stock, or products that you’d like to promote that are great ways to introduce someone to your brand (IE - if you sell products at a variety of price points, its best to bring someone in with a more affordable item, then upsell them in the future once they join your email list)
  • Blog content and social media profiles - we want new subscribers to become more familiar with your brand, and this is a perfect way to tell your story!
  • A special offer just for these new shoppers. Nothing gets people in the door faster than a discount code or free shipping offer for their first order!

Once you've made your changes, click Next (on the left) to continue.

3. Review and Launch!

Please note if you see red X in the CAN-SPAM Checklist section, you'll need to either include the [[unsubscribe]] or [[store_address]] tag. 

Once you've finished the design, it's time to launch your Audience Expander email! This can be done under the Review step. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Apply Settings. You'll only need to click Apply Settings once to save your changes initially. Later if you come back to edit your email, your changes will be saved automatically when you click Finish Later at the top of your page.

What happens next?

After you've sent out a regular Email Campaign, Springbot will automatically send out your Audience Expander email within 24 hours. 

Based on the number of people you email, we'll match roughly 15%-20% of that total amount and send that number of new leads your Audience Expander email. So if you send an email to 2,000 of your subscribers, Springbot will send the Audience Expander email to 300-400 matched leads.

This happens for each email campaign you send going forward, so it's important to regularly send email campaigns to your list. Based on the email campaigns you send, Springbot will keep sending the Audience Expander email to new matches until you reach your monthly cap. This cap then resets on the 1st of the following month. (If you meet this limit before the end of the month, reach out to and our team can help increase the cap amount for you!)


Your Audience Expander emails will not be able to launch until you have sent out a regular Email Campaign. You can start building your email campaign in your dashboard here.