On your Campaigns Dashboard, Opens & Clicks are clickable links: 

When you click into the green number, a pop-up will appear with a few options:

 Opens Column:
Clicks Column:

Email Opens or Email Clicks

When you select Email Opens or Email Clicks, we'll build a list of everyone who clicked or opened the email you sent. We'll then create a duplicate of your original campaign in draft made to send only to those users. 

Since these users engaged with your campaign, it's likely they are displaying a higher intent purchase. You can reach out to them to offer a VIP incentive for being an active subscriber, or just send them more information on the promotion you're having.

Email Didn't Click or Didn't Open

Here we'll build a list of everyone who received your last email, but didn't open or click it.

When emailing Did Not Open, we recommend only changing the subject line. Was your original subject line enticing and succinct? Did you include a discount code or fill in the preheader text? These are all things to consider when resending your campaign to did not open! 

When emailing Did Not Click, you'll want to be sure to change the content of your email to make it more clickable. Are all of your images linked back to your website? Do you have strong call to action buttons? If you didn't include a promotion in your original email, you may want to include a discount code or free shipping offer to help increase your click rate and likelihood of a subscriber making a purchase. 

See Reporting

This will take you to the reporting page of this specific email campaign. You'll be able to scroll down to the This Action's Top Links section to see which links were clicked the most often and generated the most revenue.

You can then also scroll to the Orders section to see which customer bough which items, and the link that person clicked on before making their purchase.

Email Those Who Clicked a Specific Link

When you use the "Email Clicks" option above, it will create a list of anyone who clicked on any link in your campaign. But what if you want to only email those who clicked on a specific product in the campaign, or just those who clicked on your social links for example?

From your Campaigns Dashboard, click the name of any email campaign that you've sent. This will take you to the reporting page for that email.

In the This Action's Top Links section, navigate to the check boxes on the far right hand side:

You can select all the links, or just a few and then select Add to List at the bottom.

You can choose to add these engaged users (those who clicked the links you've selected) and either add them to a new email list or add them to an existing list:

What is this long link I am seeing for some of my campaigns?

You might notice a link like this when looking at the This Action's Top Links section:

This is showing you all the clicks on the "view in browser" link that appears at the top of each of your campaigns. Every link in your campaign is trackable, so it's still important to see your engagement results on a link like this!

Questions? Our team is here for you! If you need additional help, please drop us a line at help@springbot.com.