Exporting an Email List 

You're able to easily export your Email List from Springbot at any time. First, hover on Campaigns at the top of your dashboard, and then click Lists.

Here you will see all of the Email Lists in your account. To begin, click into the name of the email list you'd like to export. Then, click the blue Export List button: 

This will download the entire Email List to a CSV file on your computer.

File not downloading?

You might have a pop-up blocker in place (particularly if you're using Chrome). You can temporarily disable pop-ups, or you can select the pop-up blocker icon in the URL field to change your settings.

Deleting an Email List 

To delete an email list, simply right click the 3 dots to the right of the list you'd like to delete. This will prompt a drop down menu where you can select Delete list: