Social Module

The Social Module is a great way to encourage subscribers to follow your brand on Social Media and helps extend your reach beyond email marketing. 

When you drag a Social Module into a template, it will dynamically pull in the Social Icons you inputted during the Store Branding process. You can also choose the Mode of your social icons by selecting Horizontal or Vertical

Don’t use one of the social channels? Just delete the pre-populated URL and the icon will be removed from your template.

The Social Module Style Settings gives you a selection of customization options. This is where you will update the section Padding, Font Type, Size, Color or Line HeightNeed to change the alignment of the social icons within the section? Check under the Text Editor section for Align options including left, center, right and justified.                       

You can customize the color of the social icons to match your website and branding under Styling Settings by expanding the Icons section. You can also change the Icon Size here. 

Change the shape of your social icons using the Border Radius

Circle Icons: 22px, 22px, 22px, 22px
Square Icons: 0px, 0px, 0px, 0px

Tip: For Rounded Corners change the Border Radius value to Percentages - % (from the default of Pixels - px)