Product Module

Note: This Module can be used as both a Container and a Content Module - meaning it can be dropped into a 2 or 3 Column Container or dropped into a template on its own.

Product Module allows you to dynamically pull in product images and information from your store's catalog. You can search for products by name or SKU, or select products based on Top Revenue, Top Views, or Top Abandons. This module will automatically pull in the default product image, and allows for additional text (i.e., product name, price, description) to be added as well.

First things first, let’s review your options for the Text Alignment that goes alongside the product image. When using the Product Module in a 1 Column Section you can choose from the Text Alignment options: RightLeftTop and Bottom under Component Settings. If you drag a Product Module into a 3 Column Section (or multiple columns) then you can choose from the Text Alignment options of: TopBottom

Tip: If you aren’t able to see the Text Alignment options under Component Settings, make sure you have selected the entire Product Module. This can be done by using the blue up arrow on the Template Selection Tool or by selecting “Go back to Product Module” under Component Settings.

Once you are ready to update your text, double click in the text section to use the Product Tags within the Inline Editing Tool - your options will be NamePriceShort Description and Full Description.

Make sure to check out the Style Settings for the Product Module where you can edit the PaddingAlignmentBackground Color (even add a Background Image) and add in a Border here too!