Standard Campaign

Campaign Name: This is what your campaign will be called in your reporting, so make it specific and clear. This is for internal use only and will not be visible to your subscribers. 

From Name: Who the email is coming from. Usually this will be your company name, but you can also make it more unique by adding a name i.e., Olivia at Peace and Petals or Your Friends at Peace and Petals.

From Email Address: If you’ve already verified your from email address, it will pull in automatically. Please note if you change this email address, you'll need to verify the new address before you can send this campaign.

Subject Line: This is your chance to make a good first impression and impact the engagement rate of your email! Subject lines should short, succinct and attention grabbing. 

Pre Header Text: This is a way for the recipient to preview the content of your email. Think of it like an expanded subject line, so we recommend keeping it short and specific. 

Default Customer Name: This is how you will greet your recipient using the [[customer_first_name]] dynamic tag in your email. The Default Customer name is what we will use if we don't have the subscriber's first name. Valued Customer, Shopper, Shoe Lover if you're a shoe store etc. all work great here!

The optional Filters section allows you to send more tailored messaging by sending to specific segments. Learn more about segmentation here! 

Multivariate Campaign

To get started, click on Create Campaign in your Email Campaigns page. From there, you will see the Configure step of the email creation process. Under Campaign Type, choose Multivariate.  

You will now see new options appear. First, fill out your From Name, Email Subject Line, Pre-Header text, and Default Customer name next to Option A if you have not done so already. Then, clicking on the “Copy Icon” and a new row will be added for additional variants.

If only 1 variable is changing, fill out row A before hitting the copy button. Row B will pre-populate with options from Row A, so you only have to change 1 field!

Multivariate Test Settings

After you fill out your additional variants, head to Multivariate Test Settings. Configure these three settings:

  1. Test Duration: How long the test should run. We recommend at least 2 hours to determine a winner based on opens, 3-4 hours to determine a winner based on clicks, and 12 hours to determine a winner based on revenue.

  2. Sample Size: The size of the sample for the test. The sample size should be set to give each variant a minimum of 500 recipients. For example, a list of 5,000 with 2 variants would need a smple size set to 20%.

  3. Winning Criteria: You will want to select which variant you would like to "Win" whether it is the variant with the highest open rate, most unique clicks, or most revenue.

When you complete your settings, choose which lists to send to under Recipients. You can also use the optional Filters section to send more tailored messaging by sending to specific segments. Learn more about segmentation here

When complete, click the Next button to select your Template on the Template Step. The Template step is where you select the overall template for your email campaign.