The Button Module allows you to create a call-to-action button such as "Shop Now" or "Learn More" which you can link back to your website, blog, or a specific product page.

Once you drag a Button Module into your template, you will update the button copy and set the button URL on the right panel under Component Settings. You can use the Dynamic Tag [[store_url]] in this field to send subscribers straight to your homepage! 

Style Settings
Right next to the Component Settings you will edit the Style Settings of your button. Begin by changing the Size & Padding of the Button Module and then expand the Text Editor section to change the Font, Font Color and Size along with the Text Alignment

To update the button Background Color navigate to the Backgrounds & Borders section and enter your preferred color into the Background Color field. 

Tip: For Rounded buttons, the Border Radius should be set to at least 1px and the same value for top, right, bottom and left. For Square buttons, the Border Radius should be set to 0px for all.