The Master Template is the overall look and feel that will be applied to all of your Automations.

When you first come on board with Springbot, we will already have the following in your Master Template:

  • Your store's logo
  • Navigation Bar with Categories from your website
  • Social Icons 
  • Footer with your [[store_address]] and [[unsubscribe]] link

If you'd like to edit or update your Master Template, simply click Master Template from the main Automations page of your dashboard.

Here you'll only be focusing on editing the top and the bottom of the email template -- the email body section will be edited uniquely for your individual Automations later on.

How to Edit Your Master Template

Drag in a Content Block container into your template. On the right panel under Component Settings, you'll find a drop down menu of all of the Content Blocks you've created, such as your Header, Footer and Social Icons.
(Read More on Content Blocks Here)

Please note for your Footer, you must have have the [[store_address]] and [[unsubscribe]] tags included. It's essential that you do not remove these tags, as they will dynamically fill in with the correct information for you. If these tags are removed, your Automations will not send.

Email Preview

When building out your Master Template, you might want to preview it along the way. In the bottom left corner, you will see two options:

  • Send Email Preview - This will automatically send a preview of the email to the email address you have used to login to your Springbot account with.
  • Preview - This will open a pop-up on your screen so you can see how the email will appear on desktop and mobile