Email is the #1 channel for generating revenue for ecommerce stores so it's important to start sending right away! We've outlined how to create an email campaign below: 

First, click the Campaigns tab at the top and choose Email. To create a new campaign, click Create Campaign in the upper right corner. 

Configure Page

Campaign Name: This is what your campaign will be called in your reporting, so make it specific and clear. This is for internal use only and will not be visible to your subscribers. 

From Name: Who the email is coming from. Usually this will be your company name, but you can also make it more unique by adding a name i.e., Olivia at Peace and Petals or Your Friends at Peace and Petals.

From Email Address: If you’ve already verified your from email address, it will pull in automatically. Please note if you change this email address, you'll need to verify the new address before you can send this campaign.

Subject Line: This is your chance to make a good first impression and impact the engagement rate of your email! Subject lines should short, succinct and attention grabbing. 

Pre Header Text: This is a way for the recipient to preview the content of your email. Think of it like an expanded subject line, so we recommend keeping it short and specific. 

Default Customer Name: This is how you will greet your recipient using the [[customer_first_name]] dynamic tag in your email. The Default Customer name is what we will use if we don't have the subscriber's first name. Valued Customer, Shopper, Shoe Lover if you're a shoe store etc. all work great here!

The optional Filters section allows you to send more tailored messaging by sending to specific segments. Learn more about segmentation here! 

Template Page

The Template step is where you select the overall template for your email campaign. Springbot gets you started right away with several options for your first campaign:

Basic - These templates are pre-formatted with columns to help you divide up your email into sections. 

Favorites - If you’ve previously favorited a template for easy reference, like a master template you’ve been using, you would find that template in Favorites. You can “favorite” a template by going to Email > Template Library and clicking the heart icon next to each template name.

Custom - If you’ve already created a custom template of your own, you would find that template in the Custom section. 

Campaigns - This is where all your previously drafted/sent email campaigns live. 

Inspirations - The Inspirations tab has expertly crafted seasonal templates that you can further customize to fit your store’s branding. This content is updated frequently with new templates and is a great reference point for design ideas! 

Please note: If at any point in the campaign creation process you select a different template, all design changes you previously made will be removed, so just a reminder to take caution when choosing templates!

Design Page

This is where you will edit the actual content of your campaign. The center of your screen is your working area and this is where you will do all of your design editing, including writing text and placing images.

Review Page

The final step is the Review Step. Depending on the size of your subscriber list, your recipient count may take a few moments to load. While loading, you will be unable to send/schedule your email.

If you see any red Xs under the CAN-SPAM Checklist, there are compliance elements that need your attention. You will want to ensure the From Email you inputted on the Configure page has been verified, that the footer of the email includes the [[store_address]] dynamic tag as well as the [[unsubscribe]] dynamic tag. You must use the dynamic tags rather than typing your address out. 

If you see any red Xs under the URL Validation sections, that means within the email there is URL is not formatted correctly. To correct, head back into the Design page and review every piece of content that is hyperlinked. 

On the review page, to schedule your email, click on the calendar icon in the bottom-right, choose a day, a time frame and then a specific time to have it go out. 

Have you created a campaign you really like? You can always duplicate it on the Campaign Dashboard and reuse for later! 

Need more help? Drop us a line at help@springbot.com