What Is Email Engagement?

The most simple definition is that it is a measure of how people interact with your emails. When your subscribers open and click on your emails, we classify them as being engaged.

Measuring Engagement

To measure engagement we look at a few metrics - open rate and click rate. We want not only the open rate to be healthy, but for them to click through to get to your store’s website to complete an order.

You can measure both your Open Rate and Click Rate - either based on the number or by percentage. We recommending using the percentage option because you can see trends a bit easier, and can then determine where you are at or above industry averages, or see where you may have room for improvement. 

For eCommerce Email Marketing, the industry average for an Open Rate is 17% and Click Rate is 2.3%. If you are somewhere in this range of opens and clicks, your engagement is really solid!

Other Metrics To Watch 

Other metrics to keep an eye on are Bounce Rate and Unsubscribe Rate. Keep in mind that these could fluctuate as you start to grow more traffic to the site. 

You shouldn't be concerned unless your bounce rate is above 3-4% and unsubscribe rate goes higher than 2%. If you ever worry about this, feel free to reach out at help@springbot.com and we can help do a deeper dive with you. 

Maintaining An Engaged List

One huge part about having a healthy engagement rate is about who you send the email to. When it comes to maintaining a healthy email list, the secret is quality over quantity. 

Many marketers falsely believe that success comes from having a large email list, but true success comes from sending to subscribers who are actually engaging with your emails. If you're sending emails to people who are not opening or clicking emails -- or worse, marking them as spam -- this can negatively impact your sender reputation and overall deliverability. 

If your engagement is low, considering utilizing more segmentation in your campaigns in order to tailor your message to the audience. 

For example, if you are sending a campaign about a new release of women’s clothing, create a segment of customers who have purchased women’s clothing in the past. You can then send that campaign to them and the message will be much more tailored to what they would like to see in their inbox. 

One more tip about keeping an engaged list - is consistently sending campaigns to your Engaged Segment. Springbot does a great job in segmenting your subscribers into engaged and unengaged segments, which you can use to maintain a solid deliverability. 

Improving Open Rate

Open Rate is primarily affected by how the email is viewed in someone’s inbox - all they see is the subject line, preheader text and from name. These three areas are crucial when you are trying to increase your open rate. 

Let’s start with the Subject Line - you want your subject line short and clear, while having a sense of personalization. With up to 77% of email opens taking place on mobile, we recommend using subject lines with fewer characters to make sure the people scanning your emails read the entire subject line. We also recommend taking a personalized approach to the email subject line. You can use the dynamic first name tag to increase that open rate as well - research has found that subject lines with first names in them have a much higher open rate than those that do not.  

Next is your Preheader Text, which is similar to an expanded subject line. 

One recommendation is to just go ahead and tell them what’s inside! If in your email you are sharing new Spring Arrivals or having an upcoming warehouse sale - mention it! You can also mention days of the week to provide a sense of urgency (i.e Ends Tuesday!) or actual percentages of what the same will include. 

As a bonus, don't forget to inject a dose of your brand’s personality, like including an emoji. 

The From Name and From Email Address is a great place to bring personalization. Sending a blog article from the store’s owner? Use their name! 

Ensuring the email address is clear, doesn't appear spammy and being able to capture replies if needed is important. 

Improving Click Rate

In terms of Click Rate - the most important aspect is making sure the body of the email is appealing to the subscriber. The end goal for all emails are to guide them back to your website to complete an order, so pay attention to content length, scannability, and your mix of imagery and text.

  • You always want to include the most relevant information at the top of the email. After that, we recommend keeping the body of the email fairly simple.
  • If there is a fair amount of information you are trying to convey, only include a couple top points, and lead to a page on your website or blog page that includes the rest. 
  • You want to ensure everything in the body of the email is made clickable - so make sure to send yourself a preview and click on everything when it arrives in your inbox. Having every clickable piece of content hyperlinked is one of the best things you can do for your click rate. 

Need more help? Drop us a line at help@springbot.com