Before you edit and turn your Automations, it's important to make sure your Automation Master Template and Settings are configured properly. Please complete those steps before continuing on. 

Automations are timely communications that not only initiate your customer relationship, but also aid in improving that relationship throughout their customer lifecycle. Establishing effective automation flows is an important component to your marketing strategy that helps nurture customer relationships and conversions.  

Activating Your Pre-Built Automations

We've already built out Automations for you to edit and turn on! Keep in mind a lot of our email templates in these flows have place holder text for promo codes, so be sure to edit your automation actions. Here are the flows we've already created for you: 

Welcome Abandoned Cart After Purchase Anniversary Winback 
New Subscribers

Warm leads who may need extra encouragement

Your Shoppers

Shoppers who are celebrating One Year with you

Customers who need a reminder of what you’ve go
When: After subscribing via your Springbot Sign Up Form 
3 Hours to 1 Day after Abandoning a Cart

1-14 Days After a Purchase is made

365 days after a shopper’s first purchase

A few months since the last purchase
The Message: Usually a 10% or Free Shipping Promo code thanking them
Usually an incentive for potential First Purchases
Encourage shoppers to leave a review, tag you on posts, and follow you on Social Media
Thank them for supporting a small business with a special gift
Remind them of your Top Products and provide a little extra incentive to bring them back

Editing and Turning on Pre-Built Flows

There are a few steps you will need to take to ensure your automations are ready to on! All pre-built Automations are made up of actions with templates that need editing. We include things like placeholder text for promo codes so you'll want to be sure and review each action within your flow! 

Click into an Automation below to learn how to edit and activate that pre-built flow:  

Welcome Automation

Abandoned Cart Automation

After Purchase Automation

Anniversary Automation

Winback Automation 

Creating Your Own Automation Flows

Creating your own Automation Flows is easy! There are two options to get you started:

  1. You can create your flow from scratch by clicking the Create button in the upper right corner from the Automations Dashboard.

  2. The Library offers the same collection of pre-built flow templates to help get you started. Classic Automations such as Welcome, First Purchase and Winback are included, as well as the effective Abandoned Cart New vs. Returning Customers Automation.

In the Library, once you’ve selected the Automation you’d like to use, Preview your selected template and click the Duplicate button to begin using this template.

After you’ve duplicated the Automation, be sure to name it something you can easily remember that relates to this Automation to help differentiate between each flow.

From here, make any edits you would like to and then click Save and turn on the customized flow to start sending!

Understanding the Dashboard

Once you've confirmed your Settings and Master Template are configured properly, click Automations at the top of your dashboard to get started.

Here, you’ll find several different sections within your Automations Dashboard:


The graph at the top of your Automations Dashboard reflects the overall performance of all of your Automations. You can view this by either Revenue or Orders. The default time frame is the Last 7 Days, but you can change this to Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, or Year to Date. 


This section is an overview of all of your Automation Flows. Every Automation will have 3 statuses - On, Off, and Demo. Simply click the toggle next to each one to change the status of your Automation:

  • On - This Automation is live and sending to your customers

  • Off - This Automation is off and not sending to anyone (including your internal team)

  • Demo- This Automation is only being sent to you, or the email you have designated to receive Demo Mode emails in your Master Settings. The flow is NOT being sent to customers.

Editing the flow status controls all actions within the flow. For example, turning off the Abandoned Cart automation will turn off all 3 actions associated with this flow.  


The Actions section shows the individual Actions that are included in each Automation Flow. For example, the Abandoned Cart Flow below has 3 associated Actions: 

You can also Edit, Preview, Delete and view Scheduled Emails for each individual Action by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the Action name.

Questions? Our team is here for you! If you need additional help, please drop us a line at